The natural binder for your paths

The STABILIZER BINDER® is the first organic ‘soil-binder’. It was developed in the USA in 1982 as a pure natural binder for use in water-bound road surfaces made of fine-grained mineral mixtures.

The swellable product based on vegetable raw materials ensures higher shear strength of water-bound pavements. In addition, it extends their durability and simplifies maintenance – while maintaining high water permeability.

As a one hundred percent natural product, STABILIZER BINDER® fully meets the requirements of modern, sustainable construction in terms of ecology, water conservation and disposal. Its use is harmless even in ecologically sensitive areas. As an ‘inert material’, coatings or layers with STABILIZER BINDER® can be replaced or removed without any problems.

Other products such as. Joint sands or ECO-Binder® complete the range and offer timely and sustainable solutions for climate protection.

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