ECO-Binder® road surfaces

Stabilizer® ECO binder is used to create high-quality and highly functional pavements in water-bound construction. These stabilizer areas are considered unsealed surfaces and positively support climate situations in cities and towns. Surfaces with Stabilizer-ECO-Binder® have high strength and long durability while maintaining high water permeability. In addition, the coatings bind dust. Moisture is bound in the coating and released into the atmosphere in doses.
With the Stabilizer-ECO-Binder®, the climatic properties are improved to such an extent that the surface layer is classified as CO2-reduced to CO2-negative. To compensate for the CO2 generated during production, transport, installation and disposal, a special aggregate is added to the pavement that absorbs CO2 and converts it into biocarbonate.
Due to the broad network, sourcing of regional raw materials is mostly possible.
You can find the appropriate varieties under the sales partners or contact us directly.

Advantages of ECO-Binder® road surfaces

– CO2 neutral

– CO2 reducing

– high water permeability (unsealed surface)

– High shear strength (also crucial for downhill situations)

– promotes microclimate (no heat islands in summer as with asphalt)

– air-permeable (tree discs)

– Dust reducing

– high variety of colors and materials

– long service life (taking into account the care instructions)

– no burden on the environment because 100% natural

– simplest methods of rehabilitation

The typical areas of application are

– Pedestrian and bicycle paths incl. Wheelchair area

– City or village squares

– Parks, historical sites

– Superstructures

– Children playgrounds

– Tree discs

– extensive car parking spaces / access roads

– Football pitches or turf surfaces


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