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Installation Recommendations Path Places

For Stabilizer® pavements, crushed sands with a grain size of 0 – 4 mm to 0 – 10 mm must be used. The fines content below 80 microns may be 15 – 20 %. The sands must be resistant to weathering. Glass sands are not suitable.

Equestrian sports – Strong floor surfaces for demanding equestrian athletes

Products from Stabilizer® find a variety of applications in equestrian sports. Indoors and outdoors, Stabilizer® systems give you a resilient yet sufficiently firm surface that prevents injuries and provides good grip.

Stalok® Bunker Liner

StaLok® Bunker Liner can be used in Gulf sand bunkers as a separating layer throughout the bunker or as erosion protection around the perimeter.
This cohesive intermediate layer saves costs and reduces maintenance. StaLok® Bunker Liner is supplied ready-mixed in bulk and is very easy to install.

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