Stalok W/A® joint sand

StaLok W/A® Jointing Sand is a product for the final jointing of pavements and slabs in unbound construction. A significantly more resistant joint seal is achieved compared to the conventional crushed sand joint - and without the risks of a rigid joint, because StaLok W/A® remains adaptable.


Grain size = 0-2 mm

Tint = gray

Container = 25 kg / bag or in big bag

Binder = water-activating, non-hardening

Advantages and properties of Stalok W/A® joint sand

- no cracking (only unbound construction method)

- Stabilized, non-rigid joint seal (solid in dry conditions, plastic in wet conditions)

- water permeable

- salt resistant, reduced weed growth

- limited sweeping ("soft" sweeping, no or reduced vacuuming)

- ideal also for slight slopes due to increased surface shear strength

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