Stalok way covers

Partial pavement as an alternative to asphalt and concrete

With StaLok you get a hard top layer, which is still permeable to water and air.
The mineral mixtures are solidified by a co-polymer.

By use, the shear strength and load capacity of the cover layer in the wet and dry state is increased.

Especially in the frost-de-icing salt period, this binder gives you better surface hardness, allowing for a more versatile use of the road surfaces.

The StaLok is possible both as a ready mix with the natural crushed sands and as a subsequent application on existing surfaces. For both applications, the Stabilizer grading curve must be guaranteed for the used natural stone sanding sands as well as the construction according to standard.

Advantages of StaLok road covers

– high shear strength (also crucial for downhill situations)

– breathable/permeable to water (tree disks)

– low dust

– high color and material variety

– can be combined with Stabilizer way covers

– visually like a water-bound pathway

The typical applications are

– footpaths and cycle paths including wheelchair area

– town or village places

– parks, historical sites

– superstructures

– playgrounds

– tree slices

– extensive car parking spaces / access roads

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