Way cover stabilizer

The natural, vegetable binder STABILIZER has been used since about 1990 in road construction. Since the mid-nineties we have successfully distributed the product in Switzerland and Europe. Stabilizer produces high-quality, high-performance, water-bonded flooring that offers high strength and durability while maintaining good water permeability and dust retention. Thus, stabilizer surfaces can actually be used as unsealed surfaces. The precise aggregates (0 / 5mm to 0 / 11mm) according to the Stabilizer grading curve are produced in cooperation with regional gravel works and mixing partners, which offer a variety of different color and rock mixtures and thus offer creative freedom for planners and architects. Due to the broad network, it is usually possible to purchase regional raw materials. The matching varieties can be found under the distribution partners or contact us directly.

Benefits of Stabilizer covers

– high water permeability (unsealed surface)

– high shear strength (also crucial for downhill situations)

– promotes the microclimate (in summer no heat islands as with asphalt)

– permeable to air (tree disks)

– low dust

– high color and material variety

– long life (considering the care instructions)

– no burden on the environment because 100% natural

– simplest refurbishment methods

The typical applications are

– footpaths and cycle paths including wheelchair area

– town or village places

– parks, historical sites

– superstructures

– playgrounds

– tree slices

– extensive car parking spaces / access roads

– sport ground or barn floor


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